The Webinar Package

Suitable for: Individuals.

This includes a single webinar with a group of others. Currently hosting for: cultural sensitivity, managing assumptions and corporate communications.

Price: 95 - One hour webinar.

The Executive Package

executive package  meetingexecvrtimetime

Suitable for: Companies with more than 250 employees.

Extras Included in Price:

☑ '360' Live streaming and recording of training to roll out through organisation.
☑ 2 Days working within organisation to ensure fit of training material and live examples.
☑ 1 Day tailoring of training material with senior member.
☑ 5 Days worth of video editing to allow interactive virtual participation after the event.
☑ 2 Days worth of follow up with select participants / e-users

Imagine if, as a sales person, you could attend your next training session (virtually) sitting next to the CEO. Looking around the room, giving your own input to questions. This has to be experienced to be believed.

Price: 9,995 - Two-day training events. (Not inc. Expenses.)

The SME Package

SME training package   exectimetime

Suitable for: Companies with 250 employees or less.

Extras included in price

☑ Two days work in company to ensure training fit and live examples used.
☑ One follow-up visit to select participants.
☑ Video recording and edit of training (if required).

Price: 2,495 - One-day training event.


We are booked right up until October with events. Unless you have something particularly spectacular to draw our attention please only request packages for October on wards.

Much appreciated.

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